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Every laugh. Every tear. Every dorky moment and giggle.

                         Every step of your important day will be special.

                                            And I will always be there, to capture it all.

An investment in your memories


Why should you hire professional photographer for your wedding?


So your thinking, 'Uncle Rob has a good camera, he can do the job', well you wouldn't want a car salesman doing surgery would you?
Look i'm sure uncle Rob takes nice photos but he does not have wedding experience, posing skills, candid capturing techniques and/or the editing skills to make your photos say WOW!

A wedding photographer- is an investment in your memories

Trust me, in 20 years, on your wedding anniversary, you will want to look at your photos and smile, not feel regret over trusting uncle Brad to capture one of the biggest days of your life. You can't get that time back.


Wedding photos are some of the most important photos that will be ever be taken of you. Photographers have a massive responsibility on their shoulders. There is no space for mistakes. I will capture your day!

Sure there is some less expensive photographers, but it's usually connected with a lack of experience. It is much better to trust your wedding photos to a professional, and have one less thing to stress about on the day.

trust me, I know what I am doing

Wedding photographer Sydney

I have years of photography experience under my belt, along with numerous of courses, countless hours of perfecting my editing skills and great photo delivery after your day. 


I will create you personal gallery, where I will put everything in the right place in sections, so that would be easier for you to find you Maid of honour drinking Rose from the bottle, or to see your grandma hit the dance floor with her groovy moves :)

Anyone can press the button, sure,  but it's not just about pressing it, right? It's about the style, the approach, the candid moments, it's about YOU being thrilled about your wedding photos, and I can do it for you!

What i am trying to say is that your food will be eaten, flowers will dry out, but those moments, captured on photographs will stay with you forever. So, invest in your memories!

Engagement session locations Sydney

We had a lovely experience with Mary - she made us feel so comfortable and gave us gentle directions -neither my fiance nor I are good at getting our photos taken, that made it so easy. The photos we got back are stunning, and she captured a beautiful sense of joy and fun in them. I would recommend Mary in a second, she did an amazing job.

-Erin L. 



How long you've been doing wedding photorgaphy?

I've been doing wedding photography for 4 years( just another reminder of how old i am lol), i've done over 50 weddings, and hundreds of other shoots. My overall photography journey been over 7 years. I currently update my new website with NEW photos, for you guys could keep up with my new work :) But if you really- really want to see some of my old work- i'll send it just to you.

You are at Central Coast, but we are somewhere else. Can we book you?

YAS! Of course :) I do travel to many different locations, states and even countries! All my packages include travel fee within 150 km from my location as well. But, don't worry. I can travel anywhere for you! If you love my work ( i'm honored, honestly), just contact me, and i'll give you correct fair.

How will i get my photos and when?

Glad you asked! I give you photos on USB stick with your edited photos, where you can find folders of each key event of the day. I can also create online gallery for you, if you'd like to share photos with your friends and family, that will be available for 1 week :) I deliver all the photos not later than 2 calendar months, but in most of the cases- MUCH- MUCH FASTER! I'll also will spoil you with preview photos withing 5 days after your wedding)

How's payment works? Do you take deposits?

Shortly after our chat or meeting, i will send you agreement and invoice. I sure do take deposits as well. It's 200$ and is non -refundable upon booking. After i receive your deposit your date is booked after you, yay! The remaining amount is due at least 3 days prior to the wedding.

We want to book you! How we can do it?

Naw, thanks! I'm really glad! Just fill out the form in "Book" section, that's the easiest way! We will chat and i will tell your everything! If you are a busy- bee and don't have time to meet me or have a phone- chat, it's OK! Still, fill out the form, and i'll send you contract, that you can fill ONLINE!

Should we do engagment photos?

My opinion ABSOLUTELY! In my vision engagement photos are really important. We can not only get to know each other better before your wedding, but also have so much fun! You'll want to look back at your "Engaged" time, trust me. It also will help you get more relaxed in front of the camera prior to your BIG day. So yeah, hundreds of times YES!

I also need videographer, flowers.. arrgh! HELP!

I got your back, friend! I have a list of AMAZING vendors for your wedding! They not sponsored! This list is purely on based on my experience! So, just let me know, if you need help!


More about Mary


Hi, I'm Mary!

I love sunsets, mountains, stuffed animals, corgis and my husband. 

I also don't mind eating your wedding cake  :And karaoke.

I am Russian. Yup, that's me! I was born there but yes.. I can understand everything that you say! Fun fact: You would never have guessed where i'm from by my accent! I met my husband, travelled and now live with him in beautiful Australia.

I have met a bear. Like a Real bear in the woods. I was 6. That was scary. 

Speaking of scary. I LOVE scary movies! I'm always watching them with only one eye open though!

By age 21, I had traveled to more than 15 countries. 

Now, when you know a bunch of random things about me, I'll tell you a bit more about something I truly love:

I started in the industry as a fashion photographer, when I was only 16. 

But, as I grew up, my friends started to get married, and hiring me for their events.  Thats, when I realised, I love weddings and wanted to capture them. There's something so special about this day, and now I have the honor of sharing it with couples. 


For my couples (yes, i don't like to use term CLIENT) on their big day, I'm there not just their photographer.  If you book in with me, you get a friend, who will be there for you on the biggest day, supporting you, guiding if needed, laughing and crying with you. Treasuring the sweet quiet and also the loud moments. To celebrate with you.

I may even say a few naughty inappropriate things to make you laugh. I will more than  likely to hit dancefloor and attack your dessert table :) 

Don't worry tho, I will still capture every moment of your day.

I deliver true emotions through my photography. And what inspires me you ask?  To answer that question, you have to look in the mirror. That's right. I'm getting my inspiration from my couples. From their love, tenderness, jokes, hugs & kisses, tickles... From seeing the happiness on your face on your day and when you receive your photos. I love what I do and what I give to my couples. 


           Are you with me?