5 things guests do at the wedding, that photographers hate.

Updated: Feb 12

Alrighty, so today I really would like to talk about subject, that each photographer faces every wedding- interacting with guests.

We all love weddings, right? It's just something in the air on that special day. Or maybe it's just free food and bar... Anyway. But we sometimes might forget, that vendors that make this day possible, also are breathing human beings, that have feelings. And trust me, there's quite a few things that actually might piss us off. But there is 5 main things for me, that I take as absolutely unacceptable.

In this post I am not showing the aggressions, and not trying to shame anyone.These are simply a things from my experience, that are pretty disturbing. And I am not complaining, but educating. We all have down sides of our jobs, yes. But with simple curtesy from guests- our life will be much easier.

So, if you would like to know how to get a few nice photos from your friends wedding day- let's begin.

Ideas for family photos wedding

|Number One|: "Hey, you, take photos of us".

Okay. So I placed this thing at number one, because it's a thing that pisses me off the most!

Listen, you came here to have fun, celebrate your friends/family wedding day, I get it. And despite I ALWAYS introduce myself to a guests when doing group photos, I don't expect all 150 guests to remember my name. And it's OKAY. I am a bit of fish memory myself, so I probably will ask your name like, twice, at least.

But. DO NOT CALL US THIS WAY! Seriously, I heard tons of versions: "Hey, you there", "Camera lady, hurry up", " Ummm, what's your name, we want a photo", etc. Can you imagine how much it would piss you off? That's simply rude.

If you'd like a photo, simply approach me, and say "Excuse me, miss, can we take a photo?". Shocker, that works better.

Anyway, be nice, we are just a people, who doing our jobs.

|Number Two|: Grab our hands, hair, clothes, and simply touch us.

This one is pretty serious. I can't even tell you, how many times people, that want to take photos grab my hands, clothes, camera gear, hair, butt, there even was one time, when lady managed to grab my bra strap through my clothes!

Listen, I am not a snobb, i fucking love hugs! I have nothing against light pet on the shoulder when I don't see you, and you want a photo. But don't grab photographer. We are not a toy. If there is 100 guests on the wedding, and each of them will touch us at least once- pretty disturbing, right? And don't even get me started on drunk uncle grabbing my butt. That might end up with pretty unpleasant conversation with newlyweds.

I am touching my couples myself sometimes, when pose them for a photo, yes. But I ask permission, as far not everyone are comfortable with people they don't know to touch them.

If I'm walking away from you, and you busting for a photo- just tap me lightly on the shoulder, or better, just call me by my name, I would appreciate it, and you probably will get a better photo.

So yeah, people, don't grab us all over the place, we don't like it.

|Number three|: Asking us for photos while we eat.

Simple as that. When I work for 10 hours straight, I for sure would like to have 10 min break, and have some food. You have lunch breaks at work, right?

Trust me, I am not trying to stretch this break, and eating as quickly as I can, to go back to work. But even within these 10 minutes, there's usually at least one or two people, that will approach me while I have a fork in my mouth, and ask for a photo.

Don't get me wrong- I am always happy to take a photo for you guys, but not when I am having a meal. Thanks.

|Number Four|: Trying to get us drunk.

This one is happening at every wedding.

There is always this one untie, best man, sister in law etc that want to get you drunk.

And oh dear, cmon! I do believe that this wine is fantastic, and I tried Pina colada before, ok, but I am at work!

Not only I don't usually drink almost at all, I also can't afford myself to loose concentration at my job. I know a lot of people think I'm going to weddings and have equal fun as a guest- but it's not true. I do have fun, for sure, but not with a help of alcohol.

Besides, I also have to drive home usually pretty late at night, so alcohol is a big no- no.

So please- don't try to convince to get me drunk.

And finally,

|Number Five|: Ask us for a photo when we leave.

This one is also " must have" for every photographer at every single wedding.

Let's have a bit of example: you are about to leave work. You packed your bag, closed your computer, put on your clothes, and just about to walk to the door, when you boss catch you half way to the exit, and ask you to do " ON LITTLE THING". Would you want to do it? Or better, would you do it AT ALL?

I don't think so.

So when you see us whiteout a camera, with our bag, walking towards the door- please don't ask for another photo. You will probably not get it. All gear is packed, all memory cars are in the cases, flash is out. Save us from awkwardly decline you from a photo, and you getting frustrated over it. It's the same unpleasant experience for us as it is for you.

So this concludes my 5 things guests do at the wedding, that photographers hate. I hope you learned something new here, and if you found things that you ever done to a photographer at the wedding- hopefully, will change something about it.

And please remember- the quality of your photos, and how good you will look at them- surly depends on how you treating us, and we will gladly make you an awesome photos if you are being nice ;)

Thanks for reading this article till the end, and I will talk to you later!

cheers x

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