Why wedding photography is so expensive?

Updated: Feb 15

Hello friends, and welcome.

I love to educate my couples and potential coples about wedding photography, i mean , you need to know what you paying for, right?

Today i would like to explain a bit more about wedding costs, why is can be really expensive, and why you almost never should stick with cheapest photographer you can find. If you interested in it- stick with me and let's go!

BUT FIRST, i would like to point- this post is created for education purposes. I am not shading anyone. This is my opinion based on years of work. I am not complaining

and not trying to convince you to hire expensive photographer. Now, let's get to it.

It's all start pretty rainbowy, you get engaged, you super excited and jumping into planning and them BOOM! You slowly start to realize how expensive this amazing day may be. An trust me, i know that wedding photography is one of the most expensive parts. So why the heck is wedding photography so expensive?

1. Our gear.

You all seen these fancy cameras with big lenses, external flash, stripes that holds our cameras, etc. Now, let me tell you- IT'S SO F*CKING EXPENSIVE. Yeah, it's a massive spend for us. I know some photographers with 50k$ worth of gear.

Professional photographer will usually hold 2 cameras, few lenses, A TON of memory cards, software , laptops, flashes, reflectors, and hips loads of other things, that help us to make your photos gorgeous. Sure, you don't always need hundreds of thousands worth of gear to make good photos, but it all helps to create a better content for you. And oh yeah, we need to update these things, because as everything else, it have tendency to break.

2. Time.

If you think that our job is just click the button and go home with a couple of grand in our pocket- you are wrong! Our job starts from the moment you choose to work with us. We spend time sending you proposal, invoices, preparing for a day. We spend time traveling to your location and between spots on the day( which i don't include in time that i shoot, which means it's free for you), we obviously do our ob for x amount of hours on the day, not only pressing a button- we support you, help you calm the nervous, pose you is needed, make you laugh and hand tissues to your mom. Don't get me wrong, i LOVE IT, but a lot of people don't even understand, that being photographer- it's not about just knowing how to take a photo.

But biggest part of our job starts after. After your big day wraps up, and your hangovers starts to kick in- i will be editing your photos. Approx i take around 4000 photos on 10 hour day. In between those i need to pick around 900 the best ones, edit them, retouche if need, put on drive and send it to you. Some of my packages also includes complimentary print- and i'ts also time. I spend around a week on each wedding, 5 hour day. And don't forget engagement session, that usually last about 1-2 hours. Time, my friends.

3. Education.

This one is pretty simple, i constantly invest in my education. No, not a college degree ( i think degree in photography is the most useless thing in the world IMHO), i mean courses, tutorials, presets, masterclasses- all of it takes time and money.

4. I need to have at least some benefit.

So, after you take all expenses, websites cost, travel costs, gear maintenance, software,courses and all that jazz, i still need to have some benefit form my job,

I love Weddings with all my heart, i adore each one of my couple, but Wedding photography is not only my passion- it's my job. I need to put food on the table, pay rent etc. And when you calculate all of it- you will understand, that we don't get as much as you think in the end.

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining about anything, but more and more i get messages" Oh, you insane, you don't do anything but pressing a button and want a million for this". Mate, no. It's not true. When you hiring photographer- you paying for experience and quality.

There is tons of undercutting each other in this industry now, but please, before you choose someone who charge 400$ for 6 hours- think about it 100 times. Because more than likely- you will not get your dream photos.

That's it for today folks, and remember. This post have PURELY educational purpose. I am not trying to shade "cheap" photographers by any means.

I will gladly tell you more on my free consultation that i have with every potential couple. Go to " Book' Section, and contact me!


Mary x

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