Why should you pick professional Wedding Photographer and WHY it might be hard.

So, you are engaged! Congratulations! Planing time, yay! But it might get really hard. Why? Let me explain.

Of course you want to jump straight into planning( that's so exciting, i get!) and that's where the complications are taking place. You are going to google wedding vendors in your area, search facebook and instagram, and pick, let's say about 50.000 gazillion photographers on your maybe list. And you stuck. Whooops. And you probably will end up with someone you not 100% satisfied with.

Now, what should you do? Let me give you a bit of advice.


Do your research. Yes, look as much as you want, there's nothing wrong with that. But! DO NOT PAY THE BIGGEST ATTENTION AT THEIR IMAGES!

Sounds silly, right? WRONG. Photographer on your wedding day it's not only the person who's taking photos. It is your friend.THIS person will spend with you one of THE MOST important days of your life! Can you imagine picking photographer online, judging only by there images ( wich might be absoulutley stunning btw), but on your Wedding Day this person will be boring af, or you just simply won't like him? Maybe he's rude, or just not your vibe? It will be a disaster. Your mood will be ruined, as well as your photos. That's exactly the reason why you should play a bit of a spy( or not lol). Do your research about particular photographer. Especially, read " About Me" or "Info" sections. But the best solution is always a chat! I know, we all grown ups with our job and responsibilities, but let's face it: we can find time to scroll Instagram new feed. That mean we can always find 15 minutes to chat. I, personally, prefer to meet my future couples in person, but as i said, not always my schedule might match yours. That's why i also always offer to chat on the phone. I mean c'mon, we can even FaceTime, if you want to see me. Anyway, you've got the point.

Mett, chat, research, do anything, but pick person who match YOUR VIBE. It is important.


Ok, great. You found, let's say, 2-3 shooters that feels right for you. Much easier now, right?

Now. I know everyone have a budget, of course. Weddings are expensive, trust me, i've been there. But please, don't pick photographer only based on price! Have a look at their photos again, talk to your partner, discuss which photographer you liked more. I always tell my couples to look at the wedding photographer as an investment to their future. You would want to print your photos, enjoy them, be proud to show your friends and family, and not to look at them once a ear and be like "Meh, could've pick a better photographer". But remember- that if photographer's packages are super expensive- it won't guarantee that your photos will be fabulous. Sometimes the less the better.

And last. Do not procrastinate. Wedding photographers have a busy schedule, and our dates getting booked YEARS in advance. If you like photographer- book her/him! We can't hold date after you for weeks before you will make decision. Follow with your hear and guts. They never will fail you!

When it comes to my work, i'm reasonably flexible. If you want to hire me for ME, but i'm a little out of your price range ( let's say 200$), we can customize package for you, where we could figure out what to sacrifice to fit into your budget. But, if you just want to save on photographer, because you would like to have 50000 white roses with diamonds on your table- sorry, it won't work this way. I'm a human too, so i understand when you can not physically stretch your budget any more, but want to work with me very much. But all the other options- nuh-uh , sorry.

You like my work and want to book in with me?! Oh jee, thanks! Let's chat first :) Click " Book" Button in the menu!

Anyway. I really hope it helped you out a bit.

Remember, your wedding photographer is responsible for you long term memories.


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