Reasons why yo should make your wedding unplugged.

Updated: Feb 15

Okay, so in this little post I will share pretty painful topic for many photographers.

I will try to convince you make your wedding unplugged, and trust your beautiful moments to professional (me haha.)

Let's begin.

So, you getting married! It's one of the best days of your life's, filled with emotions, hugs, kisses, dancing and just simply fun. And of course, in our modern technology time we all want to catch at least one little piece of this fun, and share it with the world on our social media. Don't ge the wrong, I understand it. I love sharing photos with you guys on my instagram. But, Le't snot forget that it's wedding, and your guests are there to CELEBRATE YOU! I was being quite about this for so long. When I saw grandpa's with their small cameras in the first row, I though " Oh, there's nothing wrong with this, he just want to take photos of his grandkid wedding", but lately I started developing more and more emotions towards this situation.

You got professional on your wedding who will capture EVERY possible moment of ceremony. What guests will do, is shaping a few photos of you on their phones or even cameras ( with is even more frustrating), from third row, probably will make them blurry, capture uncle Ted's head in the photo, etc etc. And you know what, they taking photos for themselves, they don't have to be professional. But what your guests don't realise, is that they sometimes make our work an absolute nightmare. And unfortunately, I am not overreacting. You will sacrifice good photos from professional over far from the best quality photos from your friends and family, because phones and cameras will be in every photo that I take, you can't escape it!

But the biggest reason of my frustration is pretty simple: I can bare and work with your guests and their cameras somehow, okay, it's probably not the end of the world, but what I CAN'T do- is photoshop their devices from their faces! Simple as that.

I am sucker for emotions, that's why I love weddings! And what I also do love to do, is taking photos of your guests during the ceremony. But I can't develop these unrepeatable emotions if your guests have their phones instead of their faces.

Trust me- looks absolutely shitty.

Some guests might be unhappy, some will probably still sneak few photos, but please TRY TO EXPLAIN THEM the whole gravity of situation. They will be there for you!

Put up a sign to let your guests know that your ceremony unplugged, there's million ideas in instagram and Pinterest! Will look fantastic in wooden or glass frame- depending on your wedding style.

I hope this post convinced you to make your ceremony unplugged, but if you would like some more reasons:: chat with me about it. I will with absolute pleasure educate you more!

Thanks guy with a camera! I'm sure you've got a lot of use to these photos.

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