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Hey there!

Dear ....., 

First of all, i would love to congratulate you again on your upcoming wedding, after a few years of waiting this finally will happen, yay! Your wedding day will be one of the most important, fun, dorky, happy day of your lifes, and it stands to reason that you would want it captured beautifully.

That's where i would love to join you. 

Why Choose Me?

Mkaay, i'm sure you talked to quite a few amazing wedding photographers beside me. And some of them might be a bit more budget, some of them might have done five times more wedding than me ( and i've done quite a few :>) But. Here's a few reasons why i might stand out:

Besides me being a professional photographer for over 7 years ( God, i'm old), and the fact that i've done more than 60 weddings at this point, i'm also pretty chill. Like, 'm cool, really.

With me you won't have to awkwardly pose for your photos, trying to fake a smile, nuh-uh. I will make you laugh for real. Or, if i'll fail, i'll ask your partner to make you laugh, i know the ways ;) I'm there for you on  one of the biggest days of your lives. I'm your friend, that have snack bars and make- up setting spray for you, when you need it. i'm your sister ( i assume, one of the many :), when you need emotional support. I'm "that"  dorky friend, that makes silly  jokes and eat your cake, but most of all, i'm the person, that responsible for your memories. 

I will capture every laugh, tear, tickle, you name it- i will be there for it. 

My work for me is really important. I am just a sucker for real emotions, and i live through every wedding that i capture. 

Wedding Photography it's not only source of income or job for me- it's massive part of my life, and i truly love it with all my heart.

I know that picking a wedding photographer might be scary, and it's ok. But i'm here to prove you, that you have nothing to be nervous about.

Oh, and after conversations with you- i truly believe we would be a great match!

What exactly i will capture and what you will get as result

Our day together will start with me stepping by to your groom. I will capture a few photos of boys getting ready, but won't annoy them for too long, and as soon as i've got at least a few decent frames- i will move on to your getting ready location.

I will capture the most exciting morning for you. Usually, i would  come around when you girls are all prep and done, but  did not put on your beautiful dresses yet ( trust me, there's no bride that want photos with only one eye of makeup.) 

After we all cry and laugh at your bridal morning, i will make sure i've made all the photos i need and YOU want, and i will leave for ceremony a bit earlier than you are, to capture your groom nervously standing and waiting for you, guests arrival etc. 

During the ceremony i will make everything possible, to capture you from as many different angles as possible.  After you FINALLY married ( yay), we will move on to group photo/ bridal party photos and of course, photos of you two lovebirds. We will have fun, trust me. 

When we all done, and your hubby is absolutely over it all ,  we will move on to reception.

I will capture your entrance, first dance, cake cutting, speeches, mom's tears, your aunt rocking the dancefloor, your maid of honour drinking champagne from the bottle- you name it. I'll be sneaky one, so if there's something interesting going on- it will be on my photos. 

So, what you will get in the end? 

For Package that you choose, which is " Moments in Still" (2200$) , you will get approx 850 High Quality Edited Images of your Wedding day ( Usually more). 70 Magazine- Style retouched images, that will be ready to print. I will give you your photos in cute wooden box, where you will find usb stick, with photos placed for categories, so you could easily find what you looking for. I also will include 5 print for you with the best photos. 

Oh, and don't forget that complimentary engagement session, where we will be able to know each other a bit better, and you will get a chance to feel yourself more comfortable in front of the camera.

The morning after, once the dust has settled and your hangovers have started kicking in, I'll be editing those special moments for you. I will give you about 10 edited photos within 3 days after your wedding, like a little teaser. 

I will try to edit your photos as fast as i can, and i will deliver them to you not later than 2 calendar months after event date. 

My guarantee to you

Okay, now a bit of serious stuff. 
I take my work very responsibly. I understand how important my job is, that's why i will come prepared.
I will bring with me a pair of everything.  2 cameras, 2 lenses, MULTIPLE memory cards,   couple of batteries. 
Also, in case of emergency, or if i'll fall deadly ill, i will make everything possible to find someone who will back me up, with similar style ( NEVER happened tho)
As well, we will sign an agreement, where all these moments are listed, so it will prevent  both of sides from bad situations on the Big Day :) 
And one more: i will copy all your photos on 3 different electronic devices, so in case of something happen with one, i also will have a backup. 


Are you with me?

Ready to book? 

I would genuinely LOVE to be your Wedding Photographer and share in this special day. I think we would work great together and i could provide you with some fantastic results. 
So if you would like to book in with me (naw thanks), please contact me ASAP. I will send you agreement that i spoke about earlier, and we can take off from there :)
Thank you for making it to the end of this proposal, i appreciate the time you spent.
Have a great Day, and i hope to hear from you soon. 
Best Regards,